New Century Saxophone Quartet


"NCSQ in the East Room of the White House 1995"  by Elizabeth Jean Pollock

"NCSQ in the East Room of the
White House 1995"
by Elizabeth Jean Pollock

New York Post
"A virtuosic display of dexterity and keen ensemble work. … The quartet demonstrated both the liquid sinuosity and the pointillistic snap of the saxophone. … The players handled it all with panache."

Washington Post

"What distinguished this performance was that all of this was so well done with so little apparent effort or premeditation."

Los Angeles Times
"Tackling brave new territory in the conservative-leaning realm of classical music tradition takes a unique blend of conviction, refined talent and a bit of damn-the-torpedoes ambition. Those qualities are amply in evidence with the New Century Saxophone Quartet, not to mention a finely honed musicality deserving wider acceptance. … Polish and vitality distinguish the group. … Inherently, the New Century Saxophone Quartet is a crusading unit, spreading the gospel about this maligned instrument’s serious aspirations. They made believers here."

"They combine great technique and elegant musicianship with a wonderful sense of chamber music."

Saxophone Journal
"They’re stimulating and refreshing. These guys aren’t just saxophonists, they’re consummate, dedicated, and professional musicians that stand up to the best of chamber ensembles of any instrumentation anywhere."

The Charlotte Observer (NC)
"The artists proved themselves again and again ... Discover what concertgoers did - four exceptional musicians who together define, finally, the true chamber potential of their oft-neglected instruments."

The News & Observer (Raleigh, NC) September 25, 2000
"Played with the kind of dexterity and precision that made you want to either sell your saxophone or hit the practice room for the next 10 years."

The News & Observer
(Raleigh, NC) January 25, 2000
"The four players amazed with their absolute control, their pinpoint precision. The joy of the playing communicated electrically to the audience."

The News & Observer (Raleigh, NC) February 1, 1993
"A Julliard Quartet level performance."

Spectator (Raleigh, NC)
"Doing for saxophones what Casals did for the cello and Segovia, for the guitar."

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
"The Mozart was played with the precision and grace of the Juilliard String Quartet."

Greenwich Time (CT)
"A smoothness of sound, blend of ensemble and range of nuance that often astonishes. … No mere technicians but artists who entered into the spirit of the music with wit and fantasy."

Leidsch Dagblad (The Netherlands)
"Played with such a catching and playful gaiety, the entire audience was won over easily by the quartet. The dynamic qualities of the quartet shone through in its unforced subtlety."

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